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Motor Vehicle, Premise Liability and “Recreational” Activites

When people engage in dangerous activities, people get hurt.

When people drive too fast or drive distracted, accidents will happen which will leave people injured, maimed or even dead.  These accidents don’t need to happen, but when they do, rest assured you are being provided the best advice.

Often, things such as personal watercraft and inflatable slides cause significant injuries.  The dangerous nature of these activities are hidden by the company providing these “toys” for rental.  Florida has very specific rules relating to the enforceability of liability releases.  Just because you signed a release does not mean that the release was valid.  Free consultations are always given to prospective clients.

Personal watercraft account for almost 200 accidents a year in Florida. Renters are often thrust through a safety briefing in an effort to maximize the hours that the machine is rented.  The livery’s failure to adequately warn riders of the risks involved can lead to complacency in operation which, in turn, leads to injury.

Inflatable slides and bounce houses are often made in China with little or no adherence to ASTM guidelines for engineering standards.  They are often operated by employees who do not understand what is, and is not, safe behavior.  The slide shown to the right has excessive wrinkling on the slide cover which can cause the sliders fee to become entrapted and cause significant leg and hip injuries.

Injuries are life altering

Having represented hundreds of clients in personal injury and wrongful death matters, Tim understands the medicine involved in your case.  Representation is not just about obtaining settlements, it involves the well being of the client.  Serious cases will involve the use of expert medical opinions. Tim makes sure you see the right doctors, for your health, not just your case.